• Puukko Parooni is the pseudonym of Timo Laakso, a knife maker in Enonteki√∂, in the northwest of Finnish Lapland. He is the brother of Kuksa Parooni and they share the same work space. Timo has been making handicrafts from wood for decades and particularly excels in making puukot, traditional Finnish knives.

  • Kuksa parooni is the pseudonym of Eerikki Laakso. He is the brother of puukko parooni and they share the same work space. Eerikki is making handicrafts from wood since decades, and he is most famous for his excellence in creating "kuksa," a traditional wooden cup made from birch burrs. However, he also makes other handicrafts from wood, such as knives with wooden handles.


  • Gerald is a semi professional photographer who is mostly into Arctic nature and landscape photography. As an enthusiastic hiker and nature explorer he spends most of his free-time in the wilderness, and often carries his camera equipment along. But occasionally he also takes a brush and acrylic colors, or carves into wood to express his creativity.