For Producers

The Kaamos Creations Web Shop is an e-commerce solution supporting local artists and artisans based in Lapland.

We at Kaamos Creations help to promote the artwork and handicrafts of local artists and artisans in Lapland!

For local artists and artisans we can provide different kind of support to get your work sold online. We offer a range of service to promote your work:

  • Product photography
  • Keeping your products on stock
  • Online sales
  • Content creation
  • Shipping
  • And more ..

You decide to what extent we help you. Whether you only want to use our shop to sell your work, and create content and the shipping yourself, or whether you need a full package to get your work online, we will find a suitable solution for you.

If you are an artist or artisan based in Lapland and would like to see your products listed in this shop, please get in touch with us.